The Adventure

The adventure of Beds on Clouds has comfort written all over it. After an exhilarating day on the slopes, biking in the hills, hiking through the trail ways or after picking your own fruit to take home, settle in the down-feather sofas to relax with a glass of wine or soft drink, hot chocolate or sweet mountain water. Do a quick tap-into your computer with our Wi-Fi connections if necessary.

Curl up with your family and share the joys of the day. Or greet the world and share your hometown uniqueness with the other travelers who seem to come from all over to stay at Beds on Clouds.

You may stroll through our cutting edge Photo Gallery and our hallways that exhibit many different photography series by artist Susumu Sato. Some of these collections are: “The Winter Scenes from the Catskills” and “The Voyages of Shirley Temple”, as well as samples from The Susumu Sato Flower Flag Series. There are many more. You may also leaf through the variety of coffee-table books on the Arts and many other subjects. Or view the photography portfolios that are available.

Spend the end of your busy day on the back patio – listen to the peaceful concert of a variety of birds. Or sit amongst the flood of brightly colored Spring flowers that expands into our flower garden. Or travel further into the back and view and perhaps even discuss organic gardening. Perhaps being graced by visits from the occasional deer and rabbits. Also as a treat, enjoy the clear night sky that twinkles with its diamond constellations.